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This is good when there is an actual threat, but in dogs with chronic anxiety, it causes problems such as depression.The chemicals begin to weaken the immune system and can lead to heart disease. Phobias where there is a reaction to something such as thunder or fireworks and othees where the cause cannot be identified.Where there is anxiety symptom in dog often more than one anxiety exists such as a phobia for noise or thunderstorms.

There are many pet clippers available on the market and they cater for all sorts of pets ranging from dogs, cats and even horses.

Some clippers also are designed to have low noise levels.

This is very helpful because you don’t want to scare your dog or cat!

Recognizing anxiety symptom in dog and treating it properly is very important as anxiety can not only interfere with a dog’s emotional health but can also affect their physical health.

When a dog perceives a threat, the hypothalamus, a section of brain tissues, signals the production of certain chemicals to prepare the dog for fight or flight.

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