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You can also express your query in the native SQL of your database, with optional support from Hibernate for result set conversion into objects.method offers a shortcut if you know your query will only return a single object.UPGRADE); Hibernate users have requested a general purpose method that either saves a transient instance by generating a new identifier or updates/reattaches the detached instances associated with its current identifier.The // in the first session Cat cat = (Cat) first Session.load(Cat.class, cat ID); // in a higher tier of the application Cat mate = new Cat(); Mate(mate); // later, in a new session second Or Update(cat); // update existing state (cat has a non-null id) second Or Update(mate); // save the new instance (mate has a null id)//retrieve a cat from one database Session session1 = factory1Session(); Transaction tx1 = session1.begin Transaction(); Cat cat = session1.get(Cat.class, cat Id); tx1.commit(); session1.close(); //reconcile with a second database Session session2 = factory2Session(); Transaction tx2 = session2.begin Transaction(); session2.replicate(cat, Replication Mode.

of their objects, and not necessarily about the execution of SQL statements.This is useful if you wish to create an association to an object without actually loading it from the database.It also allows multiple instances to be loaded as a batch if If you do not know the identifiers of the objects you are looking for, you need a query.An issue I was having was that I have a version column in my database defined as an integer and then in my NHibernate mapping files have defined a element to map to this column.Now one issue is that in my service methods I do something like this:public void Update(My DTO dto) Because I am passing in a DTO object from my UI layer I need to first load the entity from the repository by Id.

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Hibernate supports this model by providing for reattachment of detached instances using the // in the first session Cat cat = (Cat) first Session.load(Cat.class, cat Id); Cat potential Mate = new Cat(); first Mate); // in a higher layer of the application Mate(potential Mate); // later, in a new session second Session.update(cat); // update cat second Session.update(mate); // update mate//just reassociate: sess.lock(fritz, Lock Mode.