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Many soldiers with a relatively high income were looking for prostitutes. By agreeing to the militarization of the country, Thailand benefitted from direct aid and from the money spent by soldiers on rest and recreation, which included commercial sex.Thai leaders tolerated this behavior, but were never coerced into supporting the sex industry.It is estimated that the sex industry in Thailand is worth 6.4 billion US$ a year.

Rural women are traditionally considered crucial economic agents.In the 60’s, Thailand began what was later referred to as an economic miracle.With such a fast development, the country shifted from a rice-exporting agrarian country to a highly industrialized nation, and became one of Southeast Asia’s tiger economies.The presence of the US troops created an opportunity to increase the scale of the sex industry.Even though the troops were in Thailand for less than a decade, it changed the scope of commercial sex tremendously.

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In 1960, the international community put pressure on Thailand to act against human trafficking in the sex industry.