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In these situations, the families have to have extreme patience and perseverance as they nurture these older children because they are not going to be able to learn that trust and love as fast and as easily as infants.

However, it's also important to remember that critical or sensitive periods can also affect children in other ways than just neglect or deprivation.

These children go through their first years with hardly any touch or affection that would teach them to trust and to show affection to caregivers.

If these children are eventually adopted by a loving family later on in their childhood, they often have trouble adjusting to having an affectionate, loving parent.

For example, there is a critical or sensitive period for language acquisition that occurs during infancy.

Children begin learning how to understand and create language from the time they're born.

Children are ready and open to develop certain things during specific stages; however, it doesn't just happen.

(different parts of the brain are used for sensitive period learning, vs.

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In order to understand how children move between stages, it's important to understand how children take in stimuli from the environment and use it to grow.

Most theorists agree that there are periods in children's lives in which they become biologically mature enough to gain certain skills that they could not have easily picked up prior to that maturation.

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