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We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. A young woman and her married lover kill her family - May 15, 1976 Patricia Columbo and Frank De Luca are arrested for the brutal slaying of Columbo's parents and brother in Elk Grove, Illinois.Twenty-year-old Columbo had left her family home two years earlier to live with De Luca, a 36-year-old married man.There was also a letter from Columbo's cousin in support of her release, Tupy said.The board majority voted to deny Columbo's parole because she was one of the moving forces behind the crime, Tupy said.Apparently, he had kept them silent by threatening their families.While in jail, De Luca attempted to have these witnesses killed by a cellmate, but another inmate thwarted the plan by telling the police.

Columbo denied parole again By Madhu Krishnamurthy - Daily May 27, 2011 The Illinois Prisoner Review Board has again denied parole for Patricia Columbo and Frank De Luca, each serving 200 to 300 years in prison for the 1976 murders of Columbo's father, mother and 13-year-old brother in their Elk Grove Village home.

They took offense to that, Rose said after attending Thursday's vote in Springfield.

They still perceive her as being very manipulative and that she was very insincere in her comments about how she's changed and what a good person she would be were she allowed to go back into the community.

I feel satisfied that justice continues to be served.

That they are where they need to be, and the community and the family doesn't need to worry now for at least three more years.

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