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Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle does not seem, at first glance, like a social firebrand.

The 37-year-old schoolteacher in Saint-Bruno, a Montreal suburb, is a thoughtful, sensitive woman who exudes gamine charm.

“But there are many ways to end up not being a mother.” That millions of women are discovering this is reflected in statistics: one out of five women in the U. S., Canada and Australia are reaching their mid-40s without having had children—twice as many as a generation ago. To put those developments in historical context, Daly notes that the last time the childless rate was one in five, it was in a generation of so-called “surplus women” born at the turn of the 20th century.

“The fact it took a war with unprecedented loss of life and global depression to cause such an increase in childlessness gives you some idea of the social change we’re going through now,” she says.

Interviewees share stories on video: the journalist Pénélope Mc Quade explains she never felt the “visceral” need for children; singer Marie Denise Pelletier speaks of dreaming of being a singer, not a mother.

But that’s not viable for a lot of women.” People see Halle Berry giving birth at 47 and think it’s the new norm, she notes. “All we hear is miracle stories, not that it usually doesn’t work over age 40.” The fact that discussion about childlessness is framed in terms of personal choice, failure and medical infertility shuts down conversation, says Day.She enjoys jewellery making, design and cinema—and she really loves children, enough to devote her life to teaching drama and French in primary school.But Delisle knew as a teenager she couldn’t have kids, a fact she was in denial about for years, she says.In 2008, she launched the “multi-platform lifestyle brand” suggests gifts, details activities from making dough animals to “Skype dance-offs,” and even confers the “Savvy Auntie Best Toy Award” on worthy merchandise.Childless women, invisible to marketers in the past, are now appearing on the radar, Notkin says.

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“We are non-existent in the media, in cinema, in art, in magazines,” she says.