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Sexual dating violence

Similarly, those who have friendships marked by intimidation and coercion are more at-risk for developing unhealthy romantic relationships (10 & 11).Furthermore, those involved in dating violence are more likely to have witnessed parental violence and view violence in dating relationships as acceptable (6, & 12).

Research has shown that there is a link between bullying, dating violence, and sexual harassment.

Students who are surrounded by peers modeling appropriate social interactions are more likely to prescribe to these norms.

If adolescents have emotionally supportive friendships, they are more likely to have supportive romantic relationships as well.

Students who are not involved in bullying are significantly less likely to experience physical dating violence compared to students who are bullies or bully-victims.

When examining emotional abuse in dating relationships, bully-victims report the most victimization.

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In two national surveys, 81% of students reported being sexually harassed during their school careers (3 & 4) is also important to note that sexual harassment is a problem not isolated to high schools.