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It only logged me out once, and that was after I left my computer on standby all night. Packrats and collectors will probably lament the absence of archives, though.During the handful of included instances where Tiffany actually gets schtupped in her pink party box, she somehow manages to turn these’coital collaborations into unique and interesting sex sessions with a fetish twist’or if you prefer, a titty twist.But the main event is a party filled with 90s references.I’m a child of the 90s and was really looking forward to reliving my teenage dream but it didn’t happen.Preston stripping, masturbating, licking balls, lapping penis and getting banged’sometimes in that order.In a nutsack, My Best Fetish is a neat and nice best-of collection of a sexy fetish follower’s daily frolickings that should at least engage your curious side, if not your backside.I’m sure plenty more could be clever, clichéd chaos will ensure as the writers continue to make pot an afterthought and don’t delve any deeper into character development.

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Only the situation of the week tends to be kind of weak.

Like the tension in the episode is due to Paige once again obsessing over her ex-boyfriend, who is playing DJ at the party.

Of course, she leaps at the chance to hook up with him.

She regrets it only after meeting up with a chick with an accent lamenting that her ex is so horrible and says she used to be his muse, which is what Soft Serve called Paige.

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You've gathered up your farmgirl at heart friends and formed your very own farmgirl chapters.