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In that respect, make sure any sales receipts you use, note that "the work entitled ______, sold herewith, is protected under federal law and copyrighted by ______ on _______ with registration pending.

This work may only be displayed for personal use and not duplicated or published in any form absent the express written consent of the author (you)." Got it?

If you blow your signature with ink, you need to replace the matt. As far as registration protection, on the back of the print, place your copyright notice.

Just once, usually in the middle of the back in indellible ink is sufficient. You need to register the work, in bulk if you like, with the copyright office and do so in a timely manner after the work is reduced to "any tangible means of expression" i.e., print. That simple process is well worth the time and effort in case you discover your work has been used for something other than what you gave permission for.

I ALWAYS STAMP ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE PHOTO, WITH A COPY WRITE RUBBER STAMP, THAT YOU CAN HAVE MADE UP AT ANY KINKKO' S OR PLACES LIKE THAT.Do not sign any print with a pen on the print surface, front or back. Other times, a complimentary color that does not draw the eye to the mat instead of to the work fits better.Some have double and even triple mats with a "reveal" of usually 1/8" or 1/4" to accent or make the viewer visually notice a particular color in the print.THAT WAY IT IS TOTALLY PROTECTED FROM SOMEONE THAT MIGHT JUST WANT TO CUT OFF THE SIGNATURE AND PUT IT IN THEIR FRAME.THE STAMP DOESN' T COST MUCH AND IT TAKES NO TIME AT ALL.

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