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I am not sure that clinicians and researchers who focus on marriage have been much help in this regard, because they themselves tend to come from and live in homogeneous class backgrounds.

As a graduate student I remember reading a research report by some eminent academic psychologists describing a study in which couples were measured on how much time they spent “processing each others’ feelings”, i.e., listening to each other quasi-psychotherapy style, promoting self-awareness and personal growth etc.

But it was a rare couple who recognized that social class differences were a force which shaped their relationship.

The “classless” American marriage makes a stark contrast to places like Great Britain, where it is hard to listen to a couple talk about their relationship for even 20 minutes without class coming up as part of how they describe and understand each other.

Because women as a whole make up a central part of today’s media buying market, we talk about the deaths of males by cops or the hyper-incarceration of Black males in terms of how it makes the women adversely impacted feel (which sells magazines).

From news articles to protest movements, there is increasing focus on how the fallout of Black male underdevelopment impacts the females in their lives (the daughters, wives, mothers, etc.), and although there is nothing inherently wrong with looking at such impacts, it is being done INSTEAD OF looking at Black male underdevelopment, as if it is not valid that it hurts Black males on its own merit, but that it is valid only BECAUSE it hurts Black females.

As stated in the article below, News One reports that “women between the ages of 22 and 30, without children, had bigger paychecks in 2008 than their male peers in 47 of the 50 largest U. cities.” These women, on average, had wages that were 8 percent higher than those of their black male counterparts, highlighting the high probability that a black woman will outearn her mate.

Oliver finds the normally easy-going Maggie strangely rigid and demanding about where to take the trip, and doesn’t understand her anxious, almost obsessive research into the possible details of each honeymoon location. For her, a honeymoon is the only trip a couple would take, the sole travel memory they would share between themselves and with their children and grandchildren for 50 years to come.When Pat’s high-powered professional parents needed something to be repaired, they hired someone and it was done immediately, no muss no fuss.In both of these examples and many others I witnessed during my time as a couples counselor, no one is doing anything profoundly wrong or suffering from any serious psychopathology.So there is a possibility that you will make more than your mate, and preparing for that conversation can be daunting.” Too much of the time we reduce these issues to the individual decision-making of the average Black male rather than look at why the school-to-prison pipeline is so hyperproductive.Or why 1 in 12 Black males will have to deal with incarceration…

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As the researchers expected, more educated and financially better off married couples spent more time in such interactions than did working class couples.