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He now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he works as an administrator and teacher at YULA Girls High School and Youth Director at Adas Torah Congregation.Rabbi Cohen is a passionate educator and an inspiring speaker who has travelled throughout the country speaking for organizations, schools, synagogues and universities on a variety of topics and to audiences of various sizes and affiliations.

And when it comes to quality members, look no further!The end of the story was moving and spiritually uplifting however I have been haunted by the thought that Israel allows abortions fro financial reasons, I knew for medical,how is it within Jewish law to allow this, and why would a family be allowed to abort a healthy Jewish child, a Jewish soul, when surely if they could not have received financial assistance there are so many who can not have or would love to adopt an infant. Just because something isn't in the news doesn't mean it isn't true :-). ) This isn't from "the latest news" - it's a personal story that is retelling, not a recent one, but still amazing. I've heard it from reliable sources before now, and could probably easily track the people down if I was so inclined. I was only 17, so I dont know if I read many newspapers back then. Why are you waiting for someone to provide it for you?This could have easily been 30 years ago, it takes some effort to find news articles from then- as these random israeli newspapers or local magazine articles from 39 YEARS AGO probably did not get transferred to the internet... You mean to tell me that you do not believe anything unless it has been written about in a newspaper.A man's act of kindness always causes a ripple effect.This true story illustrates how beautiful our lives affect one another’s.

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We offer advice on everything from how to make a long-distance relationship work to how to create the perfect care package for your soldier serving overseas. So sign up now to meet other military singles and the civilians who love them!