Southern dating culture

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In 1963, the Yolngu people of the north east Arnhem Land community of Yirrkala, faced with their traditional lands being taken over by a huge bauxite mine, presented a bark petition to the Federal Parliament.

This became official government policy, known as the policy of assimilation, whereby " Ö in practical terms in the course of time, it is expected that all persons of Aboriginal blood or mixed blood in Australia will live like white Australian's do.There are two grounds for proving that Native Title continues to exist under the common law.The claimant group must prove that it owns the land under the relevant Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander customary land laws, and the descendants of the group who owned the land in 1788, must have had a continuous association with the land.It led to a court case in which Justice Blackburn ruled that the Yolngu could not prevent mining on their lands because he said Australia was legally "Terra Nullius" (empty land) as our people had no recognisable legal or land tenure system.This was to lead in 1973 to the establishment of the Woodward Commission into land rights in the Northern Territory.

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In response to the Mabo case, the Federal Government passed the Native Title Act in December 1993 and has establishing a national land fund in 1994.