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Speed dating circle club manchester

No profiling, just come and meet your type of people, and expand your social network through fun, local events.

We have successfully been introducing people for 10 years.

Many of our members are nervous at their first event; it is something we're very much aware of.

If you would like to let us know in advance, we will answer any questions you may have.

For example, if you book a free place at a cinema event, the cost of your cinema ticket is included.

The same applies for walks and tours from local tour operators and fitness classes at local health clubs. I only knew one person in Manchester before I had to relocate here for my job.

The host will take it from there :)Once you have decided to enhance your social life with Social Circle, meeting lots of new people and sharing some fantastic new experiences, all that is required is just two minutes of your time completing this short form.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we live in one of the greatest cities in the world with lots to see and do.It quickly dawned on me that my position could not have been a unique one: there must have been others who had lost their Social Circle and whom had to start all over again. For over a decade, Social Circle has been helping people just like you find your 'social feet', whether you have just moved to Manchester, you're recently single, your friends have entered that coupled up stage, or you're simply looking to meet new and like-minded people. At Social Circle, we are all about zest for life and a passion to meet new people.If that sounds like you, we don't care what year you were born in.Some of us are turned on by the thrill of adventure, while others enjoy nothing more than meeting new friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Hi, I'm Steve and I'm the founder of Social Circle.No matter what we enjoy, each and every one of us loves nothing more than expanding our Social Circle. Having moved from Scotland to Manchester in 2006, I found myself having to build a brand new social life from the ground up.

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I would never have even considered joining a social group but, as sceptical as I was, my social life has never been better.

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