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Posted by / 20-May-2020 22:21

Because we live in the world of "fake news" and "opinionated news," all contaminated by the lack of an authoritative voice of reason, we live in a collective mental void.

Any such void is susceptible of manipulation by false events which are the result of a coup from any source.

Trump seems all-too-willing to work with the Russian playbook.

Worst case scenario: Either an ensuing civil war or Third World War.

The days of a respectful dialogue and the understanding that not every negotiation can be won by "balls to the wall" squeeze-plays, is gone.

The new "authority" lurks in the underground like a guerilla warrior waiting for the moment to strike. I feel the discord in Washington and the bickering about who is more right, has left us vulnerable to sharks circling both the East and West coasts.Hawaii feels vulnerable and, as it is on the "front line," will be used again as it has been recently - as a warning for more to come. The East Coast, traditionally well-protected, suffers its first real threats from below the ocean - natural and man-made.To make matters worse, there is now what I would call Trump News Fatigue.People who are adventurous and up for trying new things.I'm an educated guy, I can hold a conversation and I'm usually up for whatever. Salut à tous et qui comme moi espèrent d'un lendemain meilleur sur les chemins de l'amour et aussi à ceux qui un jour feront le choix de l'amour vrai.

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