Speed dating overland park ks

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Linda Bishop’s husband passed away several years ago.She says meeting new people is a challenge, especially when you don’t get out as often as you used to.She’s tried meeting people online, but says it wasn't for her. She was hoping to find a companion at the speed dating event.

Last month, the Shepherd’s Center Central in Kansas City organized their own speed dating event targeted to people over the age of 55, the first event of its kind in the metro. Enter Johnny's Tavern front door and take a sharp right up to a private bar reserved just for our Speed Dating event.Finding love is a difficult task at any age, but once you reach the later stages of life, the challenge can be even greater.There will be a new rule to deal with the issue of the lack of available men — all women who want to register must also register a gentleman with whom they are not involved romantically. But like a lot of Kansas City homes of a certain age, Grossman's single-story ranch house wasn't ideal for aging in place.Lori Dollman hooks her muscular arms beneath her mother’s and begins to count. That's why she enlisted the help of David Groves, one of a growing number of contractors who specialize in aging in place renovations.

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Two new speed-dating events will be announced by The Shepherd’s Center Central on Oct.