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Speed dating philadelphia suburbs

Last Of The Red Hot Psychologists - Part 2 (9/13/1987) 131. Last Of The Red Hot Psychologists - Part 1 (9/13/1987) 130.

They Can't Take That Away From Me - Part 1 (3/31/1989) 174.

Then on top of all that, Brandon Tartikoff (President of NBC's entertainment division) felt that viewers wouldn't be able to believe that Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter could have such a short son! His character was originally written to be named Alex Keaton but during Michael's audition, he ad-libbed and added the middle initial "J.".

Michael toned it down just a bit and Goldberg changed his mind.

There were the puberty issues, sibling rivalry, dating, and ... But the Keatons had one problem that most families don't experience. Then, all of a sudden, they were living in Columbus, Ohio! They actually asked if the final episode could be written with all of their characters dying in a plane crash!

Mom and dad were bra-burning, draft-dodging, government-despising hippies from the 1960s who had "grown up" but hadn't abandoned their very liberal political views. There was never any explanation given about how that happened! Keaton's first real girlfriend on Family Ties was Ellen Reed. Her first appearance was on episode #75, "The Real Thing - Part 1" which aired on September 26, 1985. Most of us fans thank the producers for, instead, having a 2-part finale where Alex flys away to New York City to start his dream job on Wall Street!

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Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Part 1 (5/12/1989) 180.