Systems engineering approach to love dating and relationships

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If you would like to see the longer version, with notes on several specific studies and sources, contact me.

One writer says that everyone who dates , even if you date the boy (or girl) next door. Still, it is good to notice that even if we are dating someone who seems to look and sound the same as us, she or he still might have cultural influences; even families seem to develop their own cultures (with a small c; Dodd & Baldwin, 2002).(Ex: You nag your partner to get more romantic attention, but the nagging makes your partner feel become less romantic.So you nag your partner, who becomes less romantic, so you nag your partner)With this brief overview, the main things you should learn in this lengthy website are in bold.It must do this by sensing deviations from the norm and correcting those 'faults'" (Littlejohn, 1989, p. It is the failure to correct faults that leads to entropy and disintegration of the system.However, the state is not usually constant, but is constantly going through minor changes within an range.

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It is the most extensive study ever done on marital stability and divorce prediction.