The difference between dating and being in a relationship is my sister dating a dangerous man

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Since background extinction is a result of the regular evolutionary process, the rate of the background extinction is steady over geological time.Mass extinction refers to the extinction of a large number of species within a short period of geological time. “Duck Tadorna Rusty Threatened With Extinction Bird” (CC0) via Max Pixel 2.The main difference between background extinction and mass extinction is that background extinction is caused by the poor adaptation to the ongoing changes in the environment whereas mass extinction is caused by the exposure to harsh conditions during a short period of time.

A serial killer is a criminal who kills two or more people over a longer span of time, and often in different locations.The Ordovician extinction occurred 440 million years ago. Trilobites, graptolites, and conodonts like deep-shelf benthic faunas became extinct in the Ordovician mass extinction. The Permian extinction occurred 250 million years ago. It is the largest known mass extinction in the earth’s history.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines a serial killer as an individual who murders two or more people in different events, at different locations.