The two of us dating service

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The two of us dating service

Sena has since helped hundreds of couples find serious relationships, engagements and marriage.

As Prussia grew, so too did Berlin, and the Kings made it the centerpiece of culture and the arts, as well as the Army.

Alison has been setting friends up on dates as long as she can remember, a quality she attributes to her mother, which makes her a second generation matchmaker.

She has been with Omaha Love since 2010, and her intuitive gift has led to many of her clients meeting their match on their first date.

Alison has an active life outside of work, as a full time soccer mom to her teenage daughter, and a new baby boy. They enjoy traveling together, spending time with their families and taking their dog for walks in Elmwood Park.

Throughout her life, Lisa has been the go-to person for many family and friends who've needed advice, or someone to listen, so transitioning those skills to her professional life as a matchmaker and dating coach was natural.

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They have been married for several years, and have a beautiful little boy together named Owen.