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Iran has been the centre of many empires and many conquests, and according to archaeological studies, the earliest accounts of humans inhabiting this region date back to the Stone Age.The ancient Persians arrived in 1500 BC, bringing great advances in agricultural technology, such as irrigation systems, to the land.Jokes are sometimes directed at cultural and ethnic differences, as well as members of the family There are many great Persian satirists, Ubayd Zakâni being one of the most celebrated.Born in 1370, here’s one of his famous jokes Persian is part of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.Iran at a Glance Name: The official name of the country is the Islamic Republic of Iran (Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Iran) but it is also sometimes referred to as Persia.

The cylinder is currently on display at the British museum The first handwritten book dates back to 1055.

The second is “batin” (private) which would be visible at home with family and close friends.

People will dress in a much more casual way and speak less formally – Iranians can feel free to be themselves.

The stress is generally placed on the last syllable of a word One of the characteristics of the language means that it’s often hard to distinguish whom a person is referring to, as the same word is used to describe both ‘he’ and ‘she’!

Questioning is fairly simple and is formed by a rise in intonation of the voice at the end of a sentence. For example: English speakers often have difficulties in pronouncing some sounds in Persian, and words can easily be mispronounced or misinterpreted KH as in ‘loch’ is often mispronounced K, which can lead to saying Persians generally have a good sense of humour and love sharing jokes amongst friends and family.

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Some of the great Poets are: Sa’di (1184 – 1283) President Obama quoted one of this medieval poet’s poems on 20th March 2009 in a videotaped message greeting the people of Iran and marking the Persian New year and the spring equinox.

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