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The upshot of all that meat bags, sorry, us humans are now several times removed from what makes the technology surrounding us tick.

That’s not to say the robots are about to take over because we’re no longer useful.

The current generation of inexpensive legal ‘consumer’ walkie talkies operate on multiple channels on UHF band, have many flashy features, like LCD displays, winky lights and a range of between 3 and 5km, but where’s the fun in that?

Collecting cheap vintage walkie-talkies isn’t yet a big thing, though models like the CR-313 fall into the toy category, where things can get a bit expensive.

However, the high prices, and this is important, depend almost entirely on them being in near mint condition and complete with their original box and packaging.They weren’t a pretty sight when I found them, though.They were in a box on electronic junk at a car boot sale and by the looks of it, veterans of a good number of Sunday outings in wet and muddy fields. The asking price was ‘a quid’, which would still be an absolute bargain, even if they didn’t work.Of course that is going to happen, but not just yet, for the simple reason we (or they) still haven’t invented a decent battery.Also, for as long we remember to fit accessible on/off switches to any technology that can potentially wipe us out us we’re probably safe for a while. To this pair of Companion CR-313 walkie-talkies, of course.

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They brilliantly illustrate how, up until 1970 BC (before microchips), things were mostly designed and made by humans without little or no help from computers, and because materials and manufacturing processes could be expensive, it encouraged economy and moderation.

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