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“So being able to stay in Massachusetts is a big deal.” It’s also a big deal because Worcester is home to large immigrant populations, including Hispanic and Vietnamese communities, said Giang, whose parents moved to the United States from Vietnam three years before she was born.

“I’m very happy and excited, coming from an immigrant family, to be going to the UMass Family Health Center,” Giang said.

“That’s what drives me in medicine,” she said, “to connect with people and be able to care for them and their families.” Walker feels the same.

“I’d like to develop a long-term relationship with patients, to be their doctor for anything that comes up and to take that journey with them to better health.” An-Hoa Giang and her boyfriend, Daniel Chen, a second-year student at Tufts School of Dental Medicine, were also celebrating the news that they would be together.

Tufts values outstanding teaching and encourages faculty engagement with students beyond the classroom.

An analyst studying extremism, terrorism, propaganda and social media analytical techniques, Berger is co-author with Jessica Stern of ISIS: The State of Terror, and author of Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam.But Walker and Mc Farland, who started dating in their second year at Tufts School of Medicine, were hoping not just for placements at one of their top choices, but a match together. “The best part of medical school was meeting Ali—and today,” Walker said.They had prepared for the possibility of living and commuting between residencies in different cities.But then she started spending her evenings teaching English at Rosie’s Place, a women’s shelter, and reading to children at Horizons for Homeless Children in Boston.“I realized the pure sciences were not for me,” she said.

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“But it’s time to move on.” Three decades ago, a team of researchers—including future Tufts President Anthony P.