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Updating album artwork on ipod

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Wellcome to Jaxtraw Studios and my long-running sci-fi sex comic Lucy Lastique! Its art that 'wants' to be drawn, art that begs (and sometimes whines) to be brought into existance.

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..archives currently hold about 600 pages, i post all the new stuff, page by page, up front where anyone can get at them..Hundreds of erotic images are now available to true admirers of the genre!Our images encompass animation trends from various countries and continents.In monthly episodes, it chronicles the arousing adventures of Lucy and her pals as they explore their surreal sexy universe, featuring lashings of uncensored, hardcore sex, real sci-fi stories with real plots and characterisation and an uplifting, sex-positive tone! As an artist its hard to resist, one might think of the 'TUB' as a marvelous little engine, whirrring away under its own power ,churning out in massive quantaties, neatly typed up is ASCII fornat, all the lurid graphic fantasy one could ever use. Most furry art, and furry pr0n in particular, one comes across tends to be based on real furries, and why not, it makes things so much easier as an atist for the spark of life to be provided ready made, character atributes laid out in neat order.

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