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Updating cakephp

The example action shown below will assume that you’ve POSTed enough data (using the Form Helper) to create a single User and a single Profile: As a rule, when working with has One, has Many, and belongs To associations, it’s all about keying.

The basic idea is to get the key from one model and place it in the foreign key field on the other.

For added security, you can limit the saved fields to those listed in This method resets the model state for saving new information.

Cake PHP is designed to be agnostic and will work with My SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre SQL and others.

You can create your database tables as you normally would.

As an example, we’ll build a form that creates a new tag and generates the proper data array to associate it on the fly with some recipe.

The simplest form might look something like this (we’ll assume that set to allow multiple selections.

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Our example involves the Head of Cake School asking us to write an application that allows him to log a student’s attendance on a course with days attended and grade. There are of course many ways to work with a join model.

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