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The healthcare services TRICARE covers vary among enrollees, so it’s important to check the specific benefits of what your plan may cover. The answer is that many people qualify for TRICARE benefits.

If you’re unsure whether you may qualify, first consider if you or your spouse, parent or caretaker is a member of the military. Generally, you are eligible for TRICARE coverage if: As with many insurance providers, there are always exceptions to eligibility.

Many people with links to military service qualify for TRICARE medical benefits, including active duty members and retirees, National Guard and Reserve members, family members and survivors of military personnel, and in some cases, former spouses.

TRICARE is also available to people enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (also known as DEERS).

However, it should be kept in mind that there is more specific criteria to be met, before becoming truly eligible for TRICARE.

TRICARE is a insurance provider that helps military members and their families receive the medical services they need. TRICARE offers a variety of health care plans and coverage options, including vision and dental care, pharmacy services and other needs such as cancer treatment and hospice care.

TRICARE is a medical and health coverage arrangement built to provide medical care and ensure the well-being of persons serving in the United States armed forces.

Nearly 9.5 million people utilize TRICARE to provide for their routine care and other health needs. The health insurance program meets, or in some cases exceeds, the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) mandatory requirements.If you are going to lose your TRICARE eligibility, you’ll be notified before any changes are made.In some cases, you may qualify for six months of temporary coverage through transitional programs that give you time to find a new insurance provider.You can complete a TRICARE eligibility check below.Like many insurance providers, TRICARE offers a variety of plans to fit your specific health situation or family health needs.

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To apply for TRICARE benefits: The Department of Defense’ TRICARE website ( can provide you with additional information about eligibility, health insurance plans you may qualify, and other factors that may be more specialized to your unique situation. military, or retired from the military, you may be eligible to receive health insurance benefits through TRICARE.