Updating gridview in asp net 2 0 bit ly xxdating

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Updating gridview in asp net 2 0

On the click of the Button the following event handler is executed.

Be sure to add some data to the table and move the database to the App_Data directory of the project folder.

Based on the selection you made on the Connection wizard, you will also see the SELECT statement with your SQL statement.="UPDATE Vendor SET Vendor FName = @Vendor FName, Vendor LName = @Vendor LName, Vendor City = @Vendor City, Vendor State = @Vendor State, Vendor Country = @Vendor Country, Vendor Description = @Vendor Description WHERE Vendor Id = @Vendor Id"Now if you click on Edit link, you will see that row is in edit mode with text boxes and Update and Cancel links have appreared.

You can change the data of the columns and click on the Update link will update your database and the Grid View control and Cancel link will cancel the operaton and retain the previous form of data.4.

Drag and drop a SQLData Source data control on page and configure data source.

This action will add the following code to your page and you will also see a connection.

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