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Updating minecraft

Aquatic features are beginning to swim into Minecraft!Catch all the new fish, including pufferfish, tropical fish, cod and salmon. Brave the ocean depths with the trident, and enchant it with special powers!I've liked Minecraft for a very long time, and it's no different with this version.For some reason though, the graphics of this game make me feel like I'm playin v0.5.0 of PE again, very nostalgic. UPDATE 2/7/18: In this latest patch, my game runs poorly.Thankfully, the interface is not too tedious to use, and works well with both modes.Although there are many bugs and/or missing features, bear in mind that this IS just the beta, and that they'll be adding more features in future updates.One of my favorite features in the Windows 10 Edition would have to be the flexibility with controls.If you use a two-in-one laptop, you can easily switch between touch screen mode, and mouse and keyboard mode.

Free copy for Windows 10 available to existing PC/Mac Java owners! Free trial on Windows 10 includes 90 minutes of gameplay. Minecraft on Windows 10 also runs on Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift devices, and supports all the Minecraft features you know and love.

If you want to create custom worlds and mod your game, play Java Edition.

Windows 10 Edition is becoming part of Micro$oft's walled garden. I have noticed a few performance hits with the latest patch, but nothing too substantial.

Sure, it performs better in some cases but it lacks a lot as well.

- You can't change texture packs in game (you have to go to the title screen first) - There are numerous graphical and gameplay bugs that plague the game - The UI feels clunky, as if they never intended for players to play with a keyboard and mouse.

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Our latest update includes new gameplay features like llamas, Forest Mansions, Illagers and shulker boxes!