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Updating ruby

One evening, she and Widow Lucas receive Mayor Tomkins at their door.

He asks for more volunteers to help the hunting party kill the wolf.

She débuts in the first episode of the first season. Red Riding Hood is based on the titular character and the Wolf from the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood", the Wolf from the composition "Peter and the Wolf", and on Rose-Red and is an allusion to the Bear from the fairytale "Snow-White and Rose-Red".

In a small village, the daughter of a werewolf, Anita Lucas, is raised by her grandmother Widow Lucas, who separates her from her mother to prevent the girl from following in Anita's footsteps.

After returning to the village, Mayor Tomkins calls for a meeting where he demands an even larger hunting party so they can put an end to the massacre of people and their livestock.

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In fear of shapeshifting again, she sends Snow White away for the time being. The man, Quinn, reveals that he is a wolf too, and takes her to a den to his leader, Anita.

Red Riding Hood wakes up in the morning, relieved that the cloak's magic held through, and takes it off when she goes to wash up at the stream. Red Riding Hood is shocked to learn that Anita is her mother and that they were separated because Widow Lucas didn't want her granddaughter growing up as a wolf.

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