Updating storm os

Posted by / 10-Sep-2020 03:22

Updating storm os

If a new version of the device software is available for your Black Berry device, it will be listed in the Settings view in Black Berry® Link on your computer.

From there, simply click Install Update to update your software.

Only problem is, it doesn't recognize it being installed.

I've deleted the file in the App Loader folder, but still a no-go.

Comment: If you are not sure which the correct COM port is, then disconnect the STor M32 board from the PC, inspect the drop-down list and memorize the available COM ports, reconnect the STor M32 board and wait until it is enumerated by Win, inspect the drop-down list again, and chose the newly added COM port. In general, the STM32 micro-controllers which are used in the STor M32 boards provide two different built-in methods for flashing firmware: For v3.x boards method 1.

is relatively convenient, since these boards have the USB-TTL adapter integrated and thus no additional hardware is needed for doing this. These are cheaply available, but nevertheless it is an additional piece of hardware, which one needs. Important: Find the BOOT0 solder jumper on the STor M32 board, and close it with a drop of solder. Connect the STor M32 board via the USB plug to the PC (it is important to do that after step 1, alternatively you can reset/repower the board).

There are also less obvious, but no less useful, tweaks, such as the font size automatically growing when you switch from portrait to landscape in the browser.

In fact, after a full day of use the Storm still has 50-percent of its power left, a big improvement on the standard firmware.If you meet the browser requirements, check for a browser message on your screen prompting you to run an add-on.Once you do so, you should see a “Check for Updates” button here.Verizon’s OS for the Black Berry Storm is only just out, and already the sequel has made an appearance.Version may only be a single point update on the current official release, but according to the BGR it makes a whole lot of difference.

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Either fire up Black Berry Desktop Manager for PC or Mac and accept the prompt to update your handheld, or visit