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They are also responsible for signaling to the pilot that he or she may take off.

Also known as the aircraft handler (ACHO, or just handler), the ACHO is responsible for arrangement of aircraft about the flight and hangar decks.

“The foreign minister is very well aware of the intentions of our supreme leader, so I think you should take his words literally,” Ri Yong-pil, a senior diplomat in North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, said.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho said last month Pyongyang may consider conducting “the most powerful detonation” of a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean amid rising tensions with the United States.

In addition to the aircraft carrier strike groups, capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles, the US Navy announced October 13 that the USS Michigan – one the service’s four specialised submarines for carrying as many as 66 Navy SEAL commandos and 154 Tomahawks – arrived in Busan, South Korea.Littoral Combat Ships come in two classes, Freedom and Independence.Their key advantage is that they are re-configurable.These sailors in their colored jerseys are referred to as "Rainbow Sideboys".Also known as the air boss, the air officer (along with his assistant, the miniboss) is responsible for all aspects of operations involving aircraft including the hangar deck, the flight deck, and airborne aircraft out to 5 nautical miles (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) from the carrier.

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They can insert SEAL teams into hostile target areas, launch guided or ballistic missiles, take out enemy subs and ships, and perform reconnaissance and rescue missions.