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Validating input type file

This specification defines asm.js, a strict subset of Java Script that can be used as a low-level, efficient target language for compilers.

This sublanguage effectively describes a sandboxed virtual machine for memory-unsafe languages like C or C .

This section defines the types used by the validation logic.

Validation in limits Java Script programs to only use operations that can be mapped closely to efficient data representations and machine operations of modern architectures, such as 32-bit integers and integer arithmetic.

Mozilla's Spider Monkey Java Script engine provides an optimizing implementation of this draft.

As an example of integer arithmetic, addition can be performed by taking two integer values, adding them with the built-in addition operator, and coercing the result back to an integer via the bitwise or operator: This programming model is directly inspired by the techniques pioneered by the Emscripten and Mandreel compilers.

An This explicit directive allows Java Script engines to avoid performing pointless and potentially costly validation on other Java Script code, and to report validation errors in developer consoles only where relevant.

Because is a strict subset of Java Script, this specification only defines the validation logic—the execution semantics is simply that of Java Script.

(These values can be given efficient, unboxed representations in optimized implementations that would be unsound if they were allowed to escape.) The meta-variables σ and τ are used to stand for value types. While there is no direct concept of integers in Java Script, 32-bit integers can be represented as doubles, and integer operations can be performed with Java Script arithmetic, relational, and bitwise operators.

The type is the type of 32-bit integers where the signedness is not known.

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However, validated is amenable to ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation.

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