Validating xml sax

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Depending of you enterprise security policy, some - if not most of your middleware servers have no access to Internet.It’s even worse when your development infrastructure is isolated from the Internet (such as banks or security companies).In effect, you plug in a resolver that knows how to map an online location to a location on your filesystem (or more precisely a location to another one).This resolver is set through the You can find the source for this article here (note that associated tests use a custom security policy file to prevent network access, and if you want to test directly inside your IDE, you should reuse the system properties used inside the POM).

To report errors, it is necessary to provide an Error Handler to the underlying implementation.

Example bellow shows how to insert JAXP validation between source XML-file and SAX-parser: import

Default Handler; /** * A sample application which shows how to perform a * XML document validation while parsing XML with SAX.

is an event-driven algorithm for parsing XML documents.

SAX is an alternative to the Document Object Model (DOM).

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One of the main advantages of validation is that we can combine it with standard parsers like SAX.

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