Video dating a blind girl

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Video dating a blind girl

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When she was 14, Molly Burke spent her weekends watching You Tube video after You Tube video while other girls in her grade attended sleepovers at each other's houses.

"The first time since grade eight that I faced that was when I started making videos online."Like many vloggers, the majority of Burke's videos are shot with her in a seated position, talking into the camera.

Viewers don't see her hand searching for a chair or her stumbling into a table, indicators in real life that she is, in fact, blind.

The videos were a welcome respite from the turmoil in her daily life."I couldn't look in magazines or store windows, so those became my magazines."When she decided to start her channel three years ago, Burke planned to focus on the themes that had brought her joy on the site, doing beauty hauls of her own.But she quickly learned that other videos, ones focused on answering questions around her disability, were a necessity.You Tube videos tend to be very descriptive: In a makeup tutorial you’ll hear about the exact shade of blush an artist is working with, the shape of the brush she’s using to apply it, and how she swipes it on her cheeks just so.Fashion videos go into similar detail, describing the feel of a certain kind of fabric and how to wrap it around your body or style it into different looks."By listening to their videos, I would hear them do outfit of the day and fashion hauls and I would learn what was in style, what was trendy," Burke told Refinery29.

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