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Warning signs of dating abuse

Another mentally abusive tactic is to lie to, betray and cheat on a partner, which are all forms of disrespect.

The abuser will often twist the events around to blame the victim, making it seem like the victim caused the betrayal.

Another form of mental abuse is showing disrespect by mocking, criticizing or humiliating the victim.

An abusive person will often call her lover names such as stupid, fat, lazy, ugly or useless.

My friends tried to warn me that this was a bad situation, and so I stopped talking to them.

My gut told me this was bad, and so I stopped letting my gut talk to me. I chose not to see things as they were and instead focused on how I wanted things to be.

I minimized all that was bad and clung tightly to whatever scrapes of good I could find, and that was all I needed to keep going.

I let my strong feelings for him blind me to everything else.He may threaten to harm her or himself if she leaves or talks to anyone about the relationship, or he may threaten violence against her children or pets.Abusers will also use putdowns, bullying and humiliation to make the victims feel paralyzed and unworthy of a better relationship.He may demand to know everywhere you go, question you incessantly about people you hang out with, including family and friends, and even demand that you stop seeing these people.The abusive partner may also display excessive jealousy of other men, especially your exes.

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According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, one in four women has experienced domestic violence.

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