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News of the dramatic occurrences at Stony Stratford raced ahead of them, Queen Elizabeth Woodville, in a state of agitation, fled to Westminster Abbey with her daughters and her younger son, Richard, Duke of York.Avaricious as ever, she did not fail to take all her possessions into sanctuary with her.He then called on Richard to ascend the throne as the true heir of York, pointing out his resemblance to his father.After an initial feigned show of reluctance, Richard then accepted and was crowned in his nephew's place.Richard of Gloucester eased apprehension by explaining he was only countering a Woodville conspiracy aimed at himself and "the old nobility of the realm".This explaination was generally accepted and the fears which had gripped London were calmed.The legitimacy of the young Edward V then began to be actively questioned, and the old claim of Edward IV not being the true son of Richard, Duke of York was resurrected by Buckingham, who stated that the late King's true father had been an archer named Blaybourne, who was supposed to have had an adulterous affair with his mother Cecily, Duchess of York.

There was nothing sinister detected in this at the time when the Tower was a royal residence as well as a prison.Richard dined with Earl Rivers and Richard Grey that evening, but the following morning they, along with the king's chamberlain, Thomas Vaughan, were arrested and sent to Richard's power base in the north.Edward, who seems to have been a promising and intelligent youth, objected, but was humiliatingly powerless.Hastings, while he detested the Woodvilles, had been a close friend of Edward IV and would never have countenanced the disinheriting of his children.He was executed, without trial, the same day on a block of wood.

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Many saw through this dissembling, but since he was now all powerful, none were in a position to oppose him directly.

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