Who is alec baldwin dating females in uniforms for dating

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His brothers, Daniel, William and Stephen, also became actors.

Baldwin majored in political science at George Washington University, intending to go to law school.

Here’s the exchange: Alec Baldwin: Being as funny as you are, being as sexually liberated you are, and as warm as you are, and likable, you must have women throwing themselves at you as well. Like, this kind of flirty—I remember this model, we were following each other on Twitter, and she like wrote me a message and was like, “I just woke up from a nap” and she was like—the way that she wrote it was like it’s what you’d send to a guy so that they’d picture you in a cute environment, like “Mmm.” I’m not like trying to have sex. I’m attracted to that person.” So she slept with somebody who was a woman. Amy Schumer: Oh my god, if I could get Betsy Ross to just go down on me for five seconds. Like a lot of straight-identified women, she isn’t necessarily closed off to the idea of a sexual relationship with a woman if she met one she was attracted to.

I think women, they want my attention, they like me. That kind of mentality also frames the conversation around sexuality and women differently, which is why Alec’s asking his guest about women’s sexual interest in her came off way less creepy than is generally par for the course.

In their 2004 divorce trial, Baldwin was awarded joint legal custody of his daughter.

In May 2007, however, the courts briefly revoked his visitation rights when his 11-year-old daughter publicized an expletive-strewn phone message he left her in April of that year.

So girls just get—some women, I feel that energy from them. And I was like, “Wow.” I’ve met men as much as I loved anybody in my life, but I wasn’t built that way so I think to myself, “That doesn’t interest me.” I’d rather be with a woman that I want to set on fire and throw off a cliff than be with a guy who was the greatest human being I’ve ever met, who is like Abraham Lincoln meets Montgomery Clift. And for a lot of other women who feel similarly, Amy Schumer is that woman, largely for the reasons Alec Baldwin brought up, and also because Amy is a liberated woman who isn’t afraid to be open about her interest in sex. Thank you for braiding my hair.” It’s likely we won’t see Amy with a girlfriend anytime soon, but as a recent study found, women are often sexually aroused by both men and women.

Amy Schumer: Oh my god, seriously, you wouldn’t even let Lincoln blow you? On her HBO stand-up special that aired last month, Amy made a joke about how she’d fail at going down on another woman: “I could never go down on a girl, though. Sexual fluidity is real, and it’s great to see it as a topic of conversation in a forward-thinking fashion.

I freaked out."Alec remembered Hart telling him to keep his cool and talk to Jackie "like she's a person." Jackie had no problem talking to Alec and even hit him up for any acting tips he had for her son John F.

"If I was single and I was on my own, would I have had a fling with Jackie Kennedy?

Versatile actor Alec Baldwin has appeared in the films ‘Beetlejuice,’ ‘The Hunt for Red October,’ and ‘The Departed,” and starred as Jack Donaghy on the TV sitcom '30 Rock.' He has hosted 'Saturday Night Live' a record 17 times.

If Jacqueline Kennedy wanted to date Alec Baldwin, it's news to him.

On Wednesday's Stern Show, Baldwin laughed off recent rumors he and the former first lady had a secret romance before setting the record straight about a memorable night he once spent with her in the early '90s.

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Salon sees this as part of a growing number of parents who are reacting positively to queer and gender-non-conforming youth, and their children being sexual beings in general.