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I once found a lead doorstop and shoved it down my jeans before being weighed.I would smear butter over my clothes instead of eating it.‘I was in so many hospitals,’ she says, counting them off on her fingers.The first was the Maudsley in South London, where she spent six months attending a children’s psychiatric unit.There aren’t many details about the book, but the author’s website provides a brief, yet stimulating synopsis: In a blog post titled Why I Write: Telling a Story that Matters Adeyemi says that she writes because “it is a burning passion to tell a story about someone who is different and to force readers to fall in love with what is different from them.It's the thought that one day a little girl might be able to walk into the library and see a protagonist that actually looks like her.” Finding books with black people on the cover or as main characters can be difficult.The treatment she received in many of the units was nothing short of barbaric. I wasn’t allowed books, I wasn’t allowed schooling, a radio, or toys; just a 20-minute visit a day from my mum.As she got older, Nikki would be strapped down and her mouth prised open to be force fed – almost unbelievable, but a last resort for girls who staff believed would otherwise die.

‘She said, “Just make her put on weight.” I could have ripped my hair out when she said that.

All I can think, sitting opposite this fragile 26-year-old young woman, is what a terrible, terrible waste.

Nikki has suffered – is still suffering, so badly damaged is her body – from one of the worst cases of anorexia I have ever come across. According to her mum Sue, who has come along for our meeting as moral support, she was ‘as pretty as a little doll.

Review her freelance portfolio at Sharee then connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been going strong for a little over a year now.

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She was made to eat all the anorexic ‘fear foods’: sausage rolls, cheesecake, chips, butter, cheese.

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