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This came after its Vancouver-based management company, Feldman Agency, severed ties with the band and major networks such as Corus, CBC, and Bell stopped playing Hedley's music.Two weeks ago, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and Hedley jointly announced that the band was backing out from performing at the Juno Awards, which will be held in Vancouver on March 25.Canadian idol break-out star Jacob Hoggard is best known as the infamous lead singer of the 2003 formed band Heady, which is known for its hit songs such as "Invincible", Kiss You Inside Out" and "Wild wife".

Lead singer Jacob Hoggard has announced that he is stepping away from his career indefinitely.

He has also apologized to "people that have always had faith in me, and the institutions and organizations that believed in me"."I will honour my commitments to this tour, then will be taking a serious step back in order to make real changes in my life, seek guidance from my family and continue to grow and learn from the amazing women in my life," Hoggard said in a statement.

"I'm asking for a chance to prove that I can be the man you thought I was, the man I was raised to be."This week on CBC News, an unnamed woman accused Hoggard of raping her in a Toronto hotel room.

Although, he may not be Freddy Mercury like people wish him to be, but he is generally regarded as an expert in combining singing and theatrics.

That's why he has got nickname of "Freddie mercury of Canadian nationality with piercing and tattoos".

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In an evening post to his Twitter account Wednesday, Hoggard stated he has never engaged in non-consensual sexual behaviour but acknowledged he has "objectified" women in the past.