Who is tristan prettyman dating

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Who is tristan prettyman dating

I was feeling a little burnt out after the last record and about six years of touring. It turned out I had two polyps in my vocal cords and ended up getting surgery, which made it another year with the recovery.And then I was engaged [to Jason Mraz] and unengaged, and all of a sudden I wrote a whole new batch of songs that ended up on this record.You collaborated with Jason Mraz on your very first album.

We're truly blessed in so many ways.' Jason declared in 2011 that he would not get married until it was made legal for everyone to marry the person they loved - which finally did happen in June when the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage constitutional.

I had been dating a guy from New York City who didn't have a car.

So last year I got a road bike from a guy who builds them from parts he gets at auctions. The downtown San Diego area is becoming more developed, so we're hoping that the larger crowds and heavier traffic will push people to ride more.

For me, I like talking about it, because I would be talking about it regardless of who it was. I can look at this record now and think how far I’ve come, and how far I’ve grown and also how grateful I am for all those experiences, regardless of how difficult they were at the time. You get proposed to and think your life is going to be this one way.

Your songs about the breakup are more bittersweet than bitter. You say yes, and think, “We are going to spend the rest of our lives together.” Then all of a sudden, that person says, “You know what, I don’t think I want to do this anymore.

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We met years before that, and we were actually dating when I recorded that record.