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I’m interested in this guy, but I need to make sure he’s the real deal.” And the best way to that you’re the real deal is to pass her shit tests.

Generally speaking, there are two strategies that I use to pass any shit test.

Re-Framing is by far more powerful than the first strategy.

In essence, re-framing is simply accepting the facts that she states, For example, say that a girl makes fun of you for being short.

This happens to me all the time, because I’m only 5’8″ so naturally I’ve become accustomed to passing this shit test. ” None of that shit works (unless you’re saying it jokingly, but that’s another matter).

“Haha, sorry…I don’t sleep with guys under 6 feet tall.” What would 99% of guys respond with? Do you know what I say when a girl says something like that to me?

Shit tests are snide little remarks that women throw at you to test you.Once you know how to pass them, however, you’ll notice that your success rate with women will sky rocket.as confident as you’re acting, or if you’re secretly a little bitch.It’s not that being short makes me unattractive, it’s that now I’m more attainable.If I was tall, I’d be way out of her league due to my other awesome qualities, but since I’m short I’m within her reach. Or maybe a girl makes fun of you for having large pecs (this also happens to me).

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The frame that the girl sets at first is “You must pull girls with your Prius.” Obviously she’s saying it sarcastically, but it doesn’t matter—if you amplify the frame, you’ll pass the shit test.

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