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Once she realized she started asking for help because they are too heavy for her.Generally, the attitude seems to be "If men use it, I'll stay away from it".I used to have something wrong with me every month or even more often than that.The change is barely visible physically, arms are a bit more defined, abs starting to show a bit.You'd be surprised how many people think weightlifting is the former and not the latter. I am immensely proud of her as she worked her way up from weighing 98lbs and using just the barbell to where she is now.Muscle definition and stuff only makes a person look better; at body-builder extremes it can be bad, but no normal person is going to reach that without steroids. So how do I feel about her being physically strong?

It's been my experience that the threshold between what women think will make them too muscular and what will actually make them too muscular is an enormous gulf.

I had a woman do 100kg(220lbs) on the legpress and once she realized that she was using that much weight she stopped and never used that weight again.

Same with another girl whon didn't realize that she was carrying 20kg(45lbs) plates around.

But you shouldn't be making those adjustments until you need them. Sure, it's nice to be prepared and it might get used, but there's no reason to worry about it so soon in advance.

It's a means to say that results don't come in discrete chunks.

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i don't blame anyone for being afraid of getting stronger actually. it's probably the best thing that ever happened to me. But a lot of women seem to be really pissed about any guy paying any attention whatsoever to them at the gym. I get sore walking up flights of stairs now and it makes me sad.