Worcester sex chat

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Worcester sex chat

I have extremely sensitive skin so the Rose Wash has also been a great find. ""I've bought this product before, amazing feel, forgot to bring it with me to the UK when visiting boyfriend, have tried another lube that was meant to be really good for hypoallergenic reasons but it did not compare at all!!Happily going to continue using Yes products and wish I'd just bought another bottle asap instead of trying something different. Me and my partner love it so much, the feel is so soft and sexy really is the best thing out there for setting the mood and having fun in the bedroom!The pleasure and confidence l feel now is incredible. It has a really natural feel and is better for sex than the WB.I highly recommend using the yes products and could not imagine my life now without them. ""I tried the water based a year ago it was ok, I have vaginal atrophy, I don't want HRT cream you insert as I have fibroids and it would cause them to grow and bleed and risk of uterine cancer. Feeling hopeful reading other womens feedback on your website. So I'm using the WB to maintain moisture and the OB for sex.""Been using the products since July, found your customer service to be wonderful and knowledgeable.

The site just makes you feel like an understood woman, and that it's a source of valuable, dependable information, and problem solving in a healthy way. I started out with the waterbased lube, and then noticed that the vaginal moisturizer was a new product with wonderful feedback, that seemed to be able to address my issues as well. This is so much better than Premarin cream, in how it feels, how it works, just in every way.

Now if you could do something for achy hips and knees I'd be well away!!! I went away recently and forgot to pack it and ended up using soap. My symptoms have all cleared completely and I feel comfortable and well which I attribute to the daily application of Yes VM. I was prescribed HRT cream to aid healing but didn't want to use it long term.

""Yes plant oil based are quite useful for a busy working single woman like me. Thank you sincerely and also thank you for not making your products super expensive. ""I was given HRT for dryness three years ago by a doctor, this made things much worse and caused more dryness and ripping of my vaginal wall during sex.

Nothing available on prescription worked as many of the products contained ingredients that did not aid my symptoms.

I thank the scientists who work for Yes Yes from the bottom of my heart.

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Hopefully that and using Yes products may see the end of it. ""I had not encountered vaginal dryness and BV before I entered menopause and I have found the symptoms quite distressing. Cancer treatment left me dreading intimacy with my fabulous husband of 20 years. Tried store options, w chemicals, got infections and itched. I love the fact that the lubricants have natural ingredients that are natural and beneficial to the skin.