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Thanks also to everyone who has posted comments for this blog. This can and has resulted in couples marrying to later find they weren’t as good of a match as thought after the “newness” of knowing each other wore off. It can give the single men an excuse for not approaching single women to pursue marriage with them. When a group imposes a requirement for courtship/groups it many times results in legalism. It is made to be a “one size fits all.” What might be appropriate for teenagers is assumed to be proper for singles of all ages. It limits single men and women’s experiences with those of the opposite sex.This results in not being able to get to see appreciate vs.Tags: Betrothal, Boundaries In Dating, Boy Meets Girl, C. The fairly constant hits that this blog gets shows me that there still is some need for this type of blog.If my blog does nothing more than make people think about if/how they apply IKDG vs.Eric Johnson (born August 17, 1954) is a Grammy Award winning guitarist and recording artist from Austin, Texas USA.

Just know what you are “kissing goodbye” if you choose to do that.

Still, whether you call it petrol or gasoline, it still burns a hole in your pocket!

I read a blog entry written by John that asks that same question.

As we know, the use of gas took off in the US in contrast to the UK’s use of petrol.

A quick look at the Corpus of Historical American shows the growth of its use in the phrase “gas station” from 1920 onwards.

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Unlike One interesting possibility for the origin of the word is that it may be an eponym – a word derived from someone’s name.

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