Wow updating setup files

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Wow updating setup files

Just seconds after I did that, I thought it might be possible to change a installed wow game from US to EU, looked that up and seemed possible so thats what I am going to try right now.

But still I dont think it will work._________________________________This is my problem: When I Download the EU full Game Client I click it, and it starts, then dissapears, appears again with 1/3 then skips to 2/3 (while I have no other Wow files on my pc). I tried the Agent thing, removing, clearing cash, replacing it with a 'non-corrupt' file (which didnt work)...

starting to get really pissed, I can say with 100% certainty that this problem cannot be because of my computer, Blizz made some mistake here.

Impossible to change the US version to EU I think, unless someone knows how its done.

I bought MOP today and dont have wow installed, I quitted a while back, I have been trying to install the game for over 10 Hours now (I have no life, thank you) and I still havent progressed.

Restarted many times, downloaded the EU client over and over again. When that was done it appeared to be an US one so I immediately removed it.

Today I was already logged into Wo W when the game suddenly disconnected me.

Bottemline: Only install the US version and changed it to EU if you fail installing EU.When I try to reopen Wo W I get the world of warcraft launcher window stating that it is updating setup files. I have read some of the other threads on this and none of the troubleshooting steps worked.I am directly connected to my network (non wireless). Bestwifeever, let's try deleting the cache, and see how that goes.________________________________________________Account and Technical Services If the Forum isn't helping, contact a Support Rep directly: Program Data folder is hidden by default.So far I am without a Clue of what to do, anyone got a suggestion what I can try?This is what I did: Ive downloaded the US version of WOW (the version without expansions) And the Burning crusade and the lich king.

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Here's how to Show the hidden folder: Once you can see the Program Data folder, delete the folder inside.________________________________________________Account and Technical Services If the Forum isn't helping, contact a Support Rep directly: delete the Blizzard Entertainment folder if you still have difficulty patching.

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