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If your Xbox is experiencing a red ring error and refuses to load games, it must be serviced by a Microsoft professional.

Once downloaded, go ahead and extract out the zip archive to the root of your USB flash drive. When you see the Xbox Dashboard, that means the update has been completed! The second way is to simply download the update from the com link above and then burn the update onto a disc.If your Xbox 360 is performing slowly, or games are running with a choppy framerate, clearing the cache may help solve them.Keeping your Xbox 360 console up to date is critical in making sure you can play the latest games and downloadable content.Click "Save" to download the update to your computer.Save it to your desktop to make it easier to find later.4. Unzip the downloaded update file by double-clicking the folder.

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Unzip the file by double-clicking it, and copy the contents of the file to your USB flash drive.5. Browse to the Xbox Live system download page by following the "Download System Updates" link in Resources.2. Copy the contents of the folder to the CD drive (you can do so by dragging the folders to the disc in "My Computer") and burn the files to your disc.5.

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