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Any implementation is free to recognize other binary forms besides class files, but it must recognize class files.

The class loader performs three basic activities in this strict order: In general, there are two types of class loader: bootstrap class loader and user defined class loader.

Each JVM thread also has its own call stack (called a "Java Virtual Machine stack" for clarity), which stores frames.

A new frame is created each time a method is called, and the frame is destroyed when that method exits.

More complex than just emulating bytecode is compatibly and efficiently implementing the Java core API that must be mapped to each host operating system.

These instructions operate on a set of common A JVM language is any language with functionality that can be expressed in terms of a valid class file which can be hosted by the Java Virtual Machine.

Thus, the JVM is both a stack machine and a register machine.

The Java virtual machine is an abstract (virtual) computer defined by a specification.The JVM operates on primitive values (integers and floating-point numbers) and references. Code, constants, and other class data are stored in the "method area".The method area is logically part of the heap, but implementations may treat the method area separately from the heap, and for example might not garbage collect it.One of the organizational units of JVM byte code is a class.A class loader implementation must be able to recognize and load anything that conforms to the Java class file format.

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