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We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.By now, my curiosity was skyrocketing, but I tried not to spook her."Well, go ahead then," I said softly. "And I keep inviting you, but you never want to go with me? She waited a bit for it to sink into my oblivious mind."You mean? " "Well, no…okay, yes there is sex, but it's more like punishment, and not so much like pleasure," she explained vaguely. Sue stared into her glass, as she shook her head back and forth."No, I can't…it's complicated," she answered, "I can't just stop…it's all I've ever known." She winced, like someone had just punched her. I took a deep breath."What am I supposed to do then?She hesitated for several seconds more, and then she shrugged and looked me right in the eye."I might as well just say it right out then: I am my parents' sex slave," she blurted out. "Dave, remember how I always go over to visit my parents on Wednesday nights? I was getting more and more outraged by the minute, and I still wasn't sure what was actually going on."Well why don't you just stop? "Well, please tell me why your parents are insisting that you come clean before we get married? " I threatened, whipping my cell phone out of my pocket. " I asked her, resigned to my fate, whatever it might be."Tomorrow is Wednesday: come with me to my parents' house…you can just watch if you want…ask questions if you have some. As I sat there, still not believing what I was hearing.I got the waiter's attention as I sat down across from her, and ordered a beer."I have something I have to tell you," she started out weakly."I've been putting it off, but it can't wait any longer.""Tell me what it is, sweetheart, you know I'm here for you," I assured her.I cried out and whimpered, mainly because my ego was bruised, not due to any real physical pain.But when he left me in my room to change into my pajamas, I heard mother berating him in the living room, her voice raised in disapproval.

The first time, daddy just had me bend over my bed, and he spanked me through my clothes several times with his hand.You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.She can be very demanding and intimidating when she wants to be."Wow, I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my fiancé, and I raised my hand at the waiter, as I drained my beer glass."My first recollections were of the spankings.We would be sitting around the dinner table, and I would hear my mother tell daddy how I had sassed her, or disobeyed her in some way, while he was away at work.

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A few minutes later, father came back in and closed the door behind him.

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