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Posted by / 29-Oct-2019 20:30

One night last week, after my suitemates had all taken the Yale Station Dating survey, we poured over our results.

I am a junior, and, to put it lightly, I’ve been around the block.

Neither do any of my exes (but maybe that’s why we broke up? Actually, I hardly know anyone in my Yale Station results, except for the one that lists my Facebook friends.

I’ve been on it for a short time, and I must say I’m still wary of it, for diverse reasons. With Facebook, I’ve stayed in touch with family members that are spread out across the world and reconnected with old friends.

It makes life a lot easier if we have a few bold people willing to make connections sans anonymity.

And who says these college students aren't getting anything done?

And why are all my friends on my suitemate’s compatibility list, when she doesn’t even know who they are?

I don’t want to Teach for America or be a Consultant/ Finance or be Homeless. I don’t have time to watch television, so I just chose 30 Rock (of which I’ve probably seen about 5 minutes) and then “disregard” that question.

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