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Yes dear speed dating

Overall I found the people I talked to quite lovely, however, in any group of people you’re gonna get some twats, so let’s count down the best and worst of the night!

Best question: “Out of all the horror movie villains, whose ass do you think you could kick?

In looking for ways to celebrate Library Lover’s month in February, I decided to jump on the Book Speed Dating train.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Tiffany Whitehead, aka The Mighty Little Librarian, Mrs.

Tickets for the parties are a little odd, for girls who are bringing a male friend, you can go right ahead and purchase your ticket.

However for singles or same sex pairs, you have to enter a ballot.

Again, there wasn’t any time to run to the front to ask for it to be lowered. I guess now I’ll just wait for dude number 4 to send me a message! I usually tend to put things like this on my travel blog, but now I’m considering re-integrating my travel blog with this blog? Additionally, I commandeered my student assistant, who was the most voracious reader of the bunch, to be my co-organizer.Kari and I shared a Google Doc and added all our online finds and ideas and after about two weeks, we completed our plan, promotions, and layout for Book Speed Dating 2014.The Fun The timers were set, the genre tables organized, and the “rate your date” handouts were copied and ready.Finally, the students in English 9 came during their choice reading time, with an ID and a pencil in hand.

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Two days each week, our students have 90-minute block classes.

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