Your dating a loser

Posted by / 21-Nov-2019 03:18

Dating a loser is one of the worst feeling when you are trying to build a relationship with someone.

What is even worse is when are dating a loser and you do not even know it.

When you're looking for love, you're bound to have both hits and misses.

Having hits is great, and having misses will prepare you for future dates.

The last thing you want is to feel like you are last on his list of things to do.

In a relationship you deserve better and you should want better, don’t date some loser who wants to get around to being with you when he feels like it.

They may have tricked us into believing they weren’t scrubs AT FIRST, but their true colors eventually bleed through.

He doesn’t exhibit any of the telltale signs you are dating a loser, does he?

We all go through a period of time when we attract losers – not a big deal.

But once you have been dating for a while and you determine you want to get serious with this person, if he does not want to meet anyone in your life that is important to you, then you are not important to him.

Another tidbit, is that if he does meet your family and friends and he is just plain rude to them or leaves a bad impression, then yes he is a loser.

He has no to goals and was lazy when you were dating him, and now that you are married you are wondering why he is still lazy and does not want to do anything.

On my blog I encourage women to have goals and try to reach their success, so you know that it is unacceptable for men to not have any goals or drive to do anything.

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If he does not have that or he is not willing to do that then he is a loser.